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Welcome to the catalogue search page of Mere Museum, Mere, Wiltshire.


Enter your search terms in the box at the top of this page where it says “Search”.

Items with text that matches your terms will appear as brief summaries. For more detail about an item, click on the title and you will see the fuller catalogue entry and a photograph of the item, if one is available.

Here are some tips to help your catalogue search:

  1. Results are shown in order of relevance, with most relevant shown first.
  2. The search is not case-sensitive. Searching for “baker” (occupation) will get the same results as searching for “Baker” (surname).
  3. It is a text string search, so searching for “farm” will find items about farms, farmers, Manor Farm, etc.
  4. Searching for two terms finds items where either is present, so a search for “East Knoyle” yields items about both East Knoyle and West Knoyle, but because of its most-relevant-first rule, the search engine will generally show the East Knoyle items first. The two terms don’t have to be adjacent or even in the same order, so “Stourhead gardens” gives you items about “gardens at Stourhead”; it will also shown items about other gardens, but lower down in the results because they are less relevant.
  5. If you put the words in quotes, then the search will look for an exact match. For example, East Knoyle finds anything with East or Knoyle in it, but “East Knoyle” will only find items with the words exactly in that order and both present. If you search for “Knoyle East” you get nothing.
  6. Unlike some web searches, you cannot exclude an unwanted result by prefixing it with a minus (-) sign.


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